Whether it’s Web, Desktop or CAD (AutoCAD/BricsCAD/Tekla etc) we have you covered.

These days it’s very hard to ignore that Information Technology (IT) and Software are not only just tools you use in your business, they are an integral part! If you really want to scale your business, you need good systems, IT and tools to help you keep things under control.

With bespoke Enterprise Web and Desktop applications, plugins for common desktop applications or simple scripting for automating processes, you can take your business from being a constant struggle to ‘easy’. By automating the processes you do on a continuous basis, you not only save time but you also improve the quality of output, enforce standards and eliminating mistakes and rework thus delivering better value to your staff and clients/customers.

Can’t I just buy ‘X’ and use that?

While it’s true that there are many ‘off the shelf’ solutions, many if not all work the way you do and you soon find out that you somehow need to ‘link’ them all together. This can produce fragile systems that take a full time expert to keep on top of. That’s not scalable!
By starting small, taking manual processes, analysing and automating them step by step you can build a coherent system that works for ‘your’ business just like any other piece of machinery or goods that are essential to deliver value to your customers.

In short start small, develop systems and process and build tools that are an asset to your business, not a liability!